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eBR1M 2020

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Has your BSH application been Rejected? Here 22 common reasons why you couldn’t get your BSH 2020 online.

The new 2020 Online BSH program or 1Malaysia People’s Aid is expected to be held in 3 phases. The payouts will be made in the month of January, May and September. The payments of the individual applicants have already been sent in the Jan-Feb month of this year. This time BSH payments for bujang and household will be directly credited to the applicant’s bank accounts. Once an applicant is done with the submission of an online form, he or she can check the status of approval, online.

BSH 2020 Kemaskini

Chua Tee Yong, the Deputy Finance Minister of Malaysia has confirmed that more than 8 million of the applications were approved. The rest of the 1.2 mil of the applicants, whose applications were not yet approved, may have faced the problem because of the following reasons:

  1. MyKad number submitted by the applicants may have not matched or found in the
  2. Applicants may have not matched with the data available in JPN
  3. MyKad number provided by the applicants may be not available at all
  4. After verification, investigating agencies may have confirmed that the applicant’s
  5. Book Voucher may have been sent to the applicants
  6. Ownership of cars and other vehicles may have exceeded the limits set by the
  7. Number of vehicles owned by the applicants’ spouses may have been over the cut
  8. Vehicles ownership of applicant’s dependants may have exceeded the limit of BSH 2020
  9. Spouse information may have been missing, in case the applicant is married
  10. Spouse information and the marital documents submitted by the applicant might
  11. Information about the dependencies on the applicant’s income is not clearly given or
  12. The person applying for the BSH Online may not come in the range of BSH eligible age
  13. The applicant may have submitted his or her application more than once records of National Registration Department (JPN) monthly income is higher than the eligibility criteria to receive BSH 2020.
  14. The applicant is trying to kemaskini BSH that may be present in another application
  15. The person applying for online BSH may have been named as dependant on another
  16. Wife and Husband have submitted separate applications
  17. The wife or Husband’s name is there on another BSH application as dependant
  18. The dependant’s name given on one application may have been named on another
  19. Dependants submitted application separately for BSH online
  20. Dependants on one form may have been named as Wife or Husband on the other
  21. A wife and husband who have failed to submit the borang BSH application correctly for 4
  22. MyKad number submitted for a Spouse or Dependant may not be present or found as a spouse application application as dependants application already existed in the JPN database.

If one can take care while submitting documents and provide proper and correct information, then you will certainly be able to apply next time with success.

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