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BSH 2020 – The recent announcement of increase in the payment of the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BSH) by RM300 has garnered mixed reviews from the people. The maximum people are happy with this increase in the BSH bujang payout from RM 650 to RM 950, but some still feel that this rise is not enough to cope up with the ever-increasing cost of living.

The Penang Hindu Association has expressed its joy regarding the decision of raising the payments through BSH for the households which have a monthly income less than RM3,000. The deputy president of the association, Mr. P. Murugiah, said that this increase would be a big help in easing the financial burden of the lower income group. He said that as the things are already quite expensive and with the recent increase in prices of petrol and diesel, many people are struggling to make both the ends meet.

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To further ease the burden of the poor, Murugiah suggested the introduction of ration cards for the families who are earning amount less than RM2,000 per month so that they can purchase the food items at much lower price. Ramli Shariff, the factory bujang worker of Seberang Jaya, also expressed his welcome by thanking the government for the increase in the BSH amount. He said that this money would help him to buy the ration for at least two months and in saving the salary for the coming months. But Datuk Mohammad Ismail from Former Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers has a different viewpoint. He said that the government should device more methods and schemes to help these poor people as mere rise of RM300 is not enough.

In his words, increase in RM300 is not sufficient to help the poor in overcoming their financial burdens as the rate of increase of price for the necessities is much higher. Similar sentiments are expressed by Saraswathi Sidambaram in Kulalumpur. This 51 year work as maid and earns RM700 a month. She expressed that this RM950 BSH payout is not sufficient to ease her burden of cost of living.



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Tajul Ariffin Mohd Tahir, bujang, 51, who works as a postman also said something similar as he believed something more from the government as this rise is still not enough to counter the increasing cost of living. He expressed that he was expecting a reduction in prices of fuel because the increasing price of fuel is mostly responsible for the rise in the price of grocery item, and this reduction could have been a big help in easing the cost of living. But, some citizens like Syariezan Shaharuddin, 28, expressed his thanks for the increase in this allocation.

She said that it might not be too much but it will take away some portion of the burden. BSH for bujang was started in 2013 to help the lower income groups cope up with the rising prices and increasing cost of living. Since then, the amount has been increased many times.

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