BSH 2020 to Improve the Economic Condition

1Malaysia People’s Aid well known as BSH 2020 is a kind of subsidy offered by the Malaysian Government for the people of a certain group. Instead of subsidy for fuel or any other kind of subsidy of bigger amount, this subsidy is basically targeted to assist the people to improve their economic condition.

According to Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the BSH 2020 has been really successful in assisting the people of a certain economic group. Generally a big part of the subsidy given goes in a waste, but as far as BSH 2020 is concerned, this subsidy does not go in vain as it targets a particular group of the people.

BSH 2020

The subsidy amount was decided to be RM500 for each of the 4.2 mil household. But as this kind of subsidy was not yet introduced before, so it was decided to be reviewed each year, so that the aid amount was selected properly for the coming years. And when the review was done, it was seen that people have accepted the online BSH program very much, but a lot of people asked for the amount to be increased a bit.

At this point of time, the BSH 2020 scheme really became an important tool for the Government to assist people in getting out of this burden. So the Government had the extra amount of money as they reduced the subsidy. And they decided to give away that money to the people as a special subsidy in the form of BSH.

BSH 2020 is not to win people’s affection

This subsidy program, BSH 2020 was not introduced to win the affection of the people and gain votes in the favor of the party, but this was introduced to make sure that people are benefiting from this scheme and when the rising prices of the oil started affecting, good reactions were received from the people in favor of this subsidy. In his interview to a newspaper, Najib has also informed that as soon the Government decided to reduce the subsidy of the oil, the price went higher.

Online BSH 2020 Program

Though there has been criticism against the BSH 2020 from the ex-prime minister and ex-finance minister, according to Najib Abdul Razak, this subsidy is more focused to improve the economical condition of the country and this has really worked well in the process of reducing the wastage of subsidy. BSH was first introduced in the year 2012. It has gotten good reviews from the public. At that time it was for only those people who had the income of RM3000 per month.

But the government does not really wish to give away this special subsidy for longer periods. They are looking to improve the economic condition of the country and they believe that, with this kind of subsidy provided by the government, the days will come when people won’t need this subsidy to maintain their household. As per as Government is concerned, they are trying to stabilize the economical condition of the people under certain conditions, by not giving cash using the online BSH 2020 program, but hoping to help these people by acquire a certain lifestyle in many ways of assistances.

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