Kemaskini BSH : Recipients Must Provide Accurate Information

Disbursement amount for the second phase of 1Malaysia People’s Aid (Online BSH) could not be disbursed by the government for more than 100,000 qualified recipients due to the erratic information submitted by them in the forms and to the authorities. In conversation with the reporter at the lobby of Dewan Negara, he said that the recipients should make sure to provide the accurate information so that the amount to be disbursed by BSH can be directly deposited in their bank accounts.

Such wrong information wastes a lot of time of government as well as the people. Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong expressed that most of these mistakes are happening as the name of the recipient on the forms is not matching that with the account numbers. 2020

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You cannot fool the system, he advised the citizens. Online BSH scheme was started in 2013 after the General Election with an aim to help the people with the lower income group. Since then the amount distributed through the scheme as well as the number of beneficiaries—both are on rise. The current scheme asked for online filling of the forms for disbursement of the BSH payouts. In 2015, around 7.4 million Malaysians are supposed to receive this latest BSH 2020 disbursement with the estimated total of around RM5.3 billion.

He urged further that the people should provide right data and try not to receive the handouts multiple times as the process is stringent and is verified by data from different agencies as well. He explained that the letters will be sent to all those who did not het the BSH handouts, explaining what was the reason and asking them to carry the letter to any branch of Bank Simpanan Nasional , along with their photo identification proof to receive the money in cash.

kemaskini borang brim online

kemaskini borang brim online

BSH 2020

During a session discussion in Dewan Negara, Chua had clarified that the government has no plans to discontinue BSH or of replacing BSH with some other form of investment under recipient’s name. He expressed his home that the payouts of BSH will increase the public expenditure as well, thereby providing the boost in the domestic market growth. While responding to a question from Senator Datuk Boon Som Inong who had wanted to know if the government is planning to review the BSH 2020 policy, Chua clarified that the purpose of BSH is twofold.

The first reason indeed is to help the poor people bear the burden of the rising living costs, and the second is to allow the domestic trade to flourish by providing the people with the means to spend the money. He further clarified that this measure has been sought out against the regular blanket subsidies provided by the government as that blanket subsidy was benefitting rich as well who could very well afford to pay the fixed costs. By limiting the online BSH in 2020 to certain income group, the government is already ensuring that help is available for those in need.

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