Dr M : BSH Online is So Wrong

Raising income with BSH online is wrong, says Dr M in renewed criticism of Putrajaya Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the ex Prime Minister has revealed in his blog that the cash giveaways to increase the average income is not going to work in the favor of getting a developed nation’s status.

BSH 2020 Pakatan Harapan

According to him, the annual income per person cannot be a measurement tool for deciding the development of Malaysia as a nation. According to him, the current per person income is misleading as the income has increased due to the payout given by the Government. On his blog, chedet.cc, he has clearly mentioned that, though the government has tried to help and support the people by giving them cash benefits, yet the people need to do the hard work to earn rather than waiting for the government to help them.

He also said that, people must earn their money through the hard work, not only through the giveaways from the government. The ex-Prime Minister, who served the country for long 22 years, has understood the scheme of BSH very well and still he has been raising voices against this program and the current Prime Minister Najib Razak.

tun m brim online

tun m brim online

He has also accused the current PM of using this program to get votes for his party in the coming election. The current PM very well defended his BSH online (coming is 2020) policy and has explained the scheme as an effort to provide targeted help for the people of certain group rather than a common subsidy for all. According to the ex-PM, BSH Online has increased the dependency of the people on the government. Dr Mahathir has also revealed that he opposed to the fact of giving payouts to the people in cash.

eBR1M 2020

According to him, financial aids are for those who are unable to earn at all, because giving away payments to a certain group of people through this policy looks like bribing people. Also, he added that BSH 2020 was announced closer to the election, which clearly indicated that it was published to gain affection and votes. As per as he is concerned, the income of the people must be increased by providing them with work opportunities. But instead, because of BSH Online people are not self dependant any more. It has really weakened the character of the people to compete and earn from the market.

According to his statements, income must come through good work, and proper work training and better education system, not the coming BSH online aid of 2020 will ease the national economy situation. The government must look forward to increase the skills and productivity of the citizens of Malaysia. It can be only done when, the industries and businesses will be promoted and people will get an opportunity to prove their worth by hard work and devotion for the work. As the payments made by the government were a part of the taxes collected, so he promptly added that, people won’t be expecting government to use their taxes for the election purposes. Rather they would be happy if government could arrange some ways of income for them and also use the taxes given by them to good effect and for the benefits of the citizens of Malaysia.

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