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Prime Minister Najib Razak has clarified that Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH online) was not his idea or a bait for the voters. In the General Election of 2019, BR1N was used as a major arsenal in defending their fort. Although the scheme itself started after the general election, Najib and his cohorts kept the fire hot by constantly reminding the people, especially the brim online’s beneficiary. Defending the claim of the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s allegation of brim online being a political gimmick, Najib clarified to the public that bsh online was actually initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

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Najib played dumb and ignorant and tried to protect his own skin by giving the blame to the bank :

As per the Prime Minister Najib is now blaming the National Fiscal Committee and BNM, although it is not their job to get involved in scheme of dishing out cash. BNM’s vision and mission is completely different. There is a huge difference between BNM and Treasury, but our PM and FM have seem to forgotten that. Moreover, even if the fiscal committee has taken the decision, it is the Finance Minister’s decision to accept or reject it. If we trace back the reason for brim online, CM Lim Guan Eng returned a part of his operating budget annually to the senior citizens in his state. He claimed that the RM100 distributed were the part of the clean government.

najib bagi brim

najib bagi brim

eBR1M 2020

That same year, Najib introduced kemaskini brim online—but in his case, this amount came from fiscal deficit. In 2009, it was okay as the economies were facing financial troubles then, but in 2010 the economy grew at the rate of 7%. Despite that, Najib continued brim online for his own political gain, and now is pushing the blame to Bank Negara. The decision of Finance Minister and the Prime Minister has created more debt for the children by continuously borrowing money. Another question is that who actually gave the right to the bank to disburse that money of the tax payers. The mist important reform is rationalisation of the subsidies.

The purpose of the brim online is the transfer of wealth from rich to the lower income houses so as to rationalize the inequality gap. But money given to the people will never be enough. Instead the money should be used for improvement of education system and career advancement of the citizens. Many people believe that brim online is like the opium being distributed to people. Prime Minister will need to give the stronger dose of opium to meet their addiction and then also their addiction will only last for some time. Then another increase in dosage will be needed. And with this model, this is not the model for the development of the country. The Prime Minister is changing sides every other day. When under attack, kemaskini bsh online becomes the Bank’s idea, but if there is some praise, it becomes Najib’s idea. It is like giving the money via brim online and then taking the same money back in the form of GST.

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