Thousand of Bujang Recipeitnd Turned Up for BSH

Thousand of recipients of Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) turned up at the different venues in Penang to collect the payout under this government aid. Although the disbursement was scheduled from 9am over the weekend, some of the recipients turned up much before 7am to be first to receive the benefit. Paya Terubong MCA service centre chairman Ooi Teik Liang assured that the recipients who were unable to collect their BSH bujang vouchers are allowed to pick it on another day as well. He said that BR1M recipients in Paya Terubong can come to the service centre on every Monday between 8.30 pm and 10 pm for picking up the vouchers.

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This BSH bujang service will continue till November 30.” Bukit Gelugor MCA division secretary Low Joo Hiap said that there was no difficulty in the process. He said that the process itself was made quite easier as many counters were set up at SK Bukit Gelugor in Jalan Yeap Chor Ee. This helped in ensuring a smooth crowd management during the disbursement. He also said that people should open a bank account. This will help both the recipients who are receiving the aid and the banks who are disbursing the aid. Even though the BSH scheme has been under a lot of questions and blames, the public and officials disbursing the amount seemed happy.

Many officials were reported saying that this disbursement can go a long way in lightening the burden of the lower income people. They also expected hope that the government will slowly increase the payout to help the people in coping up with rising cost of living. Khirudin Abdul Samat, a forty year old technician received his voucher at bank and said the aid was a big help in lightening his burden. Khor Siow Kim, a 42 year old woman, was spotted collecting the voucher on behalf of her sick father who was bed-ridden in the hospital. She said that although her father was on mend, his situation did not allow him to walk yet. This money would go for his treatment.

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The process of BSH bujang 2020 will come in a long way. The scheme was introduced in 2013 after the general election. Now, the distribution of vouchers is done three times a year and for those who have bank account the amount is directly deposited in the account to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Rest of the recipients can come to the bank for disbursement. For disbursement, one needs a valid identification proof, the voucher and the myKAD number. The bank will make a check on the online system for validation of claim and issue the voucher. BRIM bujang was introduced as a way to help the poor people cope up with the increase in the cost of living and after seeing the reaction of the people, it seems to be serving its purpose.

Whatever allegation and claims government and oppositions may be making, the system seems to be helping the 40% lower income group as it intended to.

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