The Good and Bad of BSH Bujang

BSH for bujang is a direct cash assistance scheme introduced by the Malaysian government since 2012 which provides the cash payment to the households in lower income group. The scheme has seen a lot of support as well as opposition since its implementation. But what is it really—a boon or a wrong step in the name of welfare? The following points analyze the scheme in different light:

BSH 2020

1. Objective of BSH bujang

To gauge the performance and the effect of the scheme, we first need to understand its objective which is to redistribute the wealth equally. Some are on board this objective while some are against it. Some believe that this kind of government welfare makes people dependent and lazy over time. On the other hand, there are people who believe that the government should be more inclusive and egalitarian governments. If you belong to the first list of the people, then brim for bujang is the wrong policy.

2. Can the money be better utilized or categorized?

Each government has its own policy to use the limited resources they have. Thus although many might not agree with bsh bujang, this is only one such scheme. The question about categorization is also personal because the agreement with the government policy is decided by 2 factors—whether you stand to benefit from it or who do you regard deserving of your hard earned money.

brim bujang 2016

brim bujang 2016

3. Why direct Cash Distribution?

The cash distribution indeed offers following benefits: Efficiency – Direct transfers are more efficient way of giving the aid as it is instant. Utility to the recipient – Liquid cash is more useful for the recipient that any other form of benefit. Economic Multiplier Effect – This can help in the growth in domestic market as the amount encourages business inside the country. Moreover, each person can utilize the amount as per their needs. Social Corrosiveness – Many people has blamed that the cash makes people lazy, but since the amount distributed is too less, that should not be a big concern.

4. Is bsh bujang 2020 a political gimmick to purchase votes?

Many people have claimed that BSH bujang has been introduced for some kind of political agenda, but what need to be understood is that every scheme will be introduced by one or the other party. The need is to analyze the scheme independently without any political influence. Conclusion Many fear that bsh for bujang is making the people of Malaysia lazy, which might not be true, as the amount given is too little to make any person lazy. Another way could be to distribute particular vouchers which would limit the household to some particular budget product only. With the introduction of GST and implementation of petrol-subsidy, this could go a long way in helping the people to ease off their burdens. Shortly, bsh for bujang may not be the good policy, but it definitely is not the devil it is painted to be as it does bring some relief to the most vulnerable and needy segment of the society.

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