BSN Claimed Did Not Mistakenly Gave Out BSH

BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional) has clearly stated that they are not in the list of those banks who have paid multiple times to some of the people who have received brim (1Malaysia People’s Aid). The Auditor General had submitted a report on the brim payments of the year 2014 and according to the report, it is quite clear that few of the beneficiaries of the scheme had been paid not only once, but several times because of the fact that the banks did not have any connection with brim databases directly; hence they could not check whether they have already paid a particular person or not.

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Deputy chief executive of BSN has clearly stated that the problem which occurred was not any one’s fault but was due to the absence of any kind of communication links, which would have enabled the banks to update a database in order to track those people who have already received the aid. This would have given the chances to the banks to check it in real time, whether a person has got his payment at least once or not. He has clearly mentioned in his statement that BSN has not paid any recipient more than once and whoever has received the money more than once, have got them from the other banks. According to the report of Auditor general, at least 6000 of the Malaysians claimed a false amount to get cash aid more than once between the year 2012 to 2014. Some of them were reported to claim 4 payments during the brim payouts.

BSN started to collaborate with Government and assisted them in channeling the payment amount in order to lower the burden of payments from the other low income organizations. And for this, they started to operate a real time system which was available online and was used to maintain the payments of brim . They made sure that the person applying for a claim goes through a series of tests or authentication that would be good enough to catch a fraud. MyKad and Biometric authentication was a part of their operation and they are totally sure that no one could make a double claim from their bank.



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They were very much careful while making a payment. They always made sure that the common database of bsh was updated every time they paid somebody and they paid to the applicant, only if they got a clearance online. And according to them, implementing this kind of system had really given them the opportunity to make payment without any duplicate claims. BSN has really insisted that, the kind of security measures they took in making the payments were trustworthy and as they have revealed their measures of security to be serialized vouchers which has also really helped them in stopping duplicate claims from any person.

So as it stands, where the other banks have faced problems without the common database, BSN has proved its worth in this situation, by making sure only one payment claim per person.

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