Malaysia Budget 2019 for BSH 2020

Malaysian budget 2019 is close now and in this current situation, people are waiting for the government to take certain steps for the coming year. The focus of the people of course is on the BSH – cash aid that needed by the low income group. There has been an upsurge in the price in the markets of cigarettes and fuel and people are looking at their government to take some kind of step to make sure these hikes do not affect them as much as it should. Previously the government has helped the people of Malaysia with brim. And as per as the Finance Minister is concerned, they are thinking of paying a higher amount by making the brim few times in this year.

They have already submitted the draft for the brim program to the Prime Minister. Though they are still reviewing the proposal and are still making changes to the proposal, they hope to publish it by the time of budget 2020.

Structure of BSH

Structure of BSH 4.0 as it was:

  1. Distributed amount per household was RM500
  2. Payment was made via vouchers
  3. Payment was given only once
  4. Payment were given only to Malaysians whose total income amount was lesser than RM36, 000 per year
  5. People who are unmarried and of the age 21, were paid an amount of RM250 only, if their income was lower than RM2000 per month

Changes to Come in BSH in 2020:

The kemaskini bsh payment will be given two times a year  Payment will be sent to people’s account directly rather than paying through the vouchers.  The total amount to be paid has yet not been confirmed, but it is sure that it will be more than RM500 for a household. The budget has always proven to bring the best out of the government and people are hoping to get something interesting and helpful in the budget and as per as the brim program is concerned, they are hopeful to get something that will help them in the current situation. Also, from the statement of the government, it is clear that they are thinking out a model that will be able to help out not only those people who are under RM3000 income per month but also those whose monthly income is between RM4000 RM 5000.

They are planning to include these people in the program too in the coming brim bujang whether this will be really in effect or this is just a speculation, we will have to wait to know that but the government and the auditors are serious about this matter to make sure that the country’s economical condition is improving every year.

Recent hikes in the market has made the government concerned about the economic conditions of the middle class family members as well and they feel that they must do something to help these families who are really in financial problem due to the sudden hikes. All this said and done, the budget is still on its way and along with that the bsh’s kemaskini announcement as well. So till the date of budget, we need to wait and hope for the best that the government will do for the people.

BR1M - Info Permohonan dan Kemaskini BRIM

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