Lesson Learned : BSH 2020 Has Issues to be Fixed

A group of people had cashed out bsh vouchers more than once. The 1Malaysia People’s Aid, had one of the biggest issues in the form of duplicate claims of money. And as the Auditor General reports in 2016, almost 1899 people claimed the cash voucher at least 2 times under the bsh scheme this year. As a result of that, there was a loss of RM 1.09 mil ringgit.

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But as it stands, the loss was significantly reduced as the report shows a loss of RM 1.14 mil in the year 2015 because of 2,490 people claiming the brim online vouchers at least 2 times.

Hence there is a reduction in the number of people claiming the vouchers twice as well. Also, it was noted that, there was a reduction in the number of people who have claimed the payment at least two times and have not been able to refund the extra amount as well. As the report shows, a total of 1,401 people were unable to pay back the excess amount that was received as the payment in at least two times. The reports on the brim online program held in the year 2015 and 2016 has revealed that the planning and implementation is not really good and there were several weaknesses in monitoring as well. But in the year 2014, the bsh online program has improved and the Ministry of Finance can be appreciated for that.

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After the audit was conducted, the committee was quite satisfied with the improvement and progress that the program had in 2019. The investigation has also found the reason in particular, which have led to an improvement. The main reason that has come to the front is the special team that was deployed by the Finance Ministry in order to manage the bsh online 2020 program. Also sending the reminder letters regarding payback of the excess cash to those who received the payment more than once and listing those people who have not yet refunded the excess amount were a part of the improvement, as per as the auditing team is concerned. The report also revealed that there is a lot more to do, to make sure the progress is on its way and there are improvements regarding every aspect of the brim payments.

They have also added that Finance Ministry must take some bold and proper steps to make sure that this kind of problem never happens again. They have also talked about some of the basic and probable solutions as well. Most certainly transferring payment directly to bank accounts is one of them. For that, the Finance Ministry must take steps so that people are aware of this and the steps they can follow to get out of this situation as well. They have also recommended an authorized approval letter system to implement, for those who do not have any bank accounts. This might prove to be helpful in maintaining a log and also it will make sure that no one is able to cash their brim vouchers more than once, in any of the banks that are accessible for this purpose.

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