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BSH 2020 – During the bsh program last year, some of the senior citizens who live far from the city faced a problem. They did not receive their brim vouchers even though they had submitted their applications on time and they were completely approved. A retired old man named K. Sivam, who is now 74 has revealed that he has helped his friends and neighbors so that they can apply for bsh program.

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According to Sivam, on Jan 15th he received a letter. The letter was from IRB and it said that the voucher amount was transferred to his account. But as it stands, when he checked his account, there was no money credited. According to Sivam, almost 50 other people from his neighborhood faced the similar problem. He said to a source that, he helped people in his neighborhood who did not own bank accounts or faced problems with filing for the aid. But none of them have yet got their brim voucher payments. Other people have also said, no matter how many times they checked their bank accounts, the result was the same and they did not receive the amount in their bank accounts.

As this problem came to front and in the notice of the Deputy Finance minister, Mr. Datuk Chua Tee Yong said that, for people complaining about the problem, the reason must have been the delayed submission of the applications to the authority. There was a deadline extension till Jan 31st but the applications which were sent after 31st of December were not processed with the regular ones and that is why those people did not receive the payments with the other people even if their applications were accepted. He also added, those people whose applications were rejected did have the option to appeal again. He also said that, 94% of the failed applications were approved later in 2019 for the program of bsh. So people who have not yet received their payments, still have a chance to reapply or they can wait for their payments to be processed. But there are certain conditions under which one can apply again. They must have the letter of rejection from the IRB, which will be the proof of their application rejection.



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When asked the reason for rejection, he explained that, there are several reasons, but the most common of the reasons can be due to the inappropriate information or insufficient documents that are provided with the applications.

In some of the cases, if the IRB finds that a person’s wage is more than what he or she has given in the application and if the amount is higher than the eligibility amount, those applications are also rejected. Chua also added that the applicants, who have the rejection letters, would be granted a month’s extension to reapply for the brim vouchers. This very thing was discussed in an internal meeting of the IRB and in some days Finance Ministry would be publishing the important dates for reapplication and the format they need to follow to apply as well.

These problems need to be taken care seriously before the coming bsh 2020.

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