The good and bad of BRIM Bujang

Brim for bujang is a direct cash assistance scheme introduced by the Malaysian government since 2012 which provides the cash payment to the households in lower income group. The scheme has seen a lot of support as well as opposition since its implementation. But what is it really—a boon or a wrong step in the … [Read more…]

Mixed reviews of BRIM from the public

The recent announcement of increase in the payment of the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BRIM) by RM300 has garnered mixed reviews from the people. The maximum people are happy with this increase in the BRIM bujang payout from RM 650 to RM 950, but some still feel that this rise is not enough to cope up … [Read more…]

Thousand of bujang recipeitnd turned up for BRIM

Thousand of recipients of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BRIM) turned up at the different venues in Penang to collect the payout under this government aid. Although the disbursement was scheduled from 9am over the weekend, some of the recipients turned up much before 7am to be first to receive the benefit. Paya Terubong MCA service centre … [Read more…]