BR1M Online 2019 to Increase in The Coming Years

BR1M Online 2019 – With the nation budget that just around the corner, the speculation are high regarding what is in has in store for the people of Malaysia, next year. The rest of the policies might be in dark, but, one thing is certain that people are expecting more hand-outs in BR1M online payouts in the year of 2019 as the cost of living has further escalated with the hike in the price especially of fuel and cigarettes.

People are still reeling from these increased costs, and the common sentiment running among the public is that the government should do something to reduce the people’s burden caused by these hikes. And one of the best-known ways for this help is 1Malaysia People’s Aid (brim online), which government has been using to provide relief to the people of lower income group.

Semakan BR1M 2018

According to Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Ahmad HusniHanadzlah, the government is planning to increase the number as well as the amount distributed. Further they are planning to distribute the amount twice. Ahmad Husni told The Star that he has already submitted the first draft to the Prime Minister for review. The proposal is still being fine-tuned and the final structure is expected to be tabled and announced during national budget day announcement (on October 25). While government announces the changes in the brim, we bring to you major highlights of brim for last year so that you can gauge the performance of the scheme accordingly. Here’s a brief overview of brim distributed this year: 

Brim payout of RM500 was distributed per household during the first time.

This year, the disbursement was made via cash vouchers.

Disbursement was only made once a year when the on-off amount was handed over to the recipients.

Malaysians with a household income of less than RM 3,000 a month were the eligible parties for the payout.

Unmarried individuals aged 21 and above and with a monthly income of less than RM 2,000 also got RM250 as brim aid.

Semak BR1M 2018 Lulus atau Tidak

Some of the changes that might happen for br1m in 2019 are:

Disbursement of brim will be done twice a year to better help the people. 

In place of the last year’s vouchers, disbursement will be done directly in the people’s bank accounts.

Although the amount is not yet finalized the government has hinted the same might also be increased.

The government is also looking into expanding the list of beneficiaries by including those with the household having income of between RM 4,000 and RM 5,000 per month. The speculations are high if the eligibility will be increased because with the price hikes and the implementation of GST, even the middle-income groups with the household income of RM 5,000 are struggling to bear the cost of living. brim is the major reason why people are waiting for the budget with bated breath. The increase in eligibility, the increase in payout, and the increase in the number of times the disbursement is made—the chances are both lower and income group are going to enjoy the benefits of brim 2019. So let us see and wait what changes the new budget will bring in.

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