BRIM has helped dozen of people

BRIM was started few years back has been a helping hand for the general people rather than reducing the price of the fuel for all. The current Prime Minister Najib Razak has said that, the kemaskini of BRIM targets the specific group of people whereas the fuel price reduction will be beneficial for the foreigners as well as the rich people of the country.

He told the people to compare both the systems while he himself explained the benefits of implementing the BRIM rather than reducing the fuel price. He said that with the borang BRIM next year, people who are in actual need of money will be benefited rather than the rich people of the country.

And that brought a loud cheer from the crowd in a gathering. Najjib was accompanied by one thousand motorcyclists with the BN flags to the venue. In his speech, he also explained how the BRIM will affect the business and eventually the economy of Malaysia in a positive way.

BRIM has helped dozen of people

The chairman of BN has revealed that, there was lot of appreciation shown by the International Monetary Fund, according to them, this was above expectations. He also said that, if the government would have followed the lead of the opposition party,

Malaysia would have faced a bankrupt situation in no time. Najib has also added to this, saying that their government is doing what they can to improve the condition of the country. They have proved their words worthy from the day they have been in the power. They have taken steps to benefit people in various ways possible like, BRIM policy, school aids, and health benefits and so on.

Bagan Serai, though was not a comfortable place for BN, yet the current situation has changed and people have started to go with the BN after they realized the kind of good work the BN government has been doing. He also quoted an amount of RM646 mil which was allotted for the development of Bagan Serai out of which, already RM100 mil has been spent for the project of flood mitigation in Kerian District.

Najib has also expressed his hopes to win the state seats and Parit Buntar and Bagan Serai seats as well. He has asked the citizens to compare their good work with the ideas of the oppositions to understand their work better. He also promised the people of Bagan Serai to add another 200 beds to the local hospital. He has also expressed his hope of BN wining the general election as well and he is confident about the fact, on the basis of the response they have got from the Dataran area.

Najib has also said that every person he has so far met is happy with the work their government is doing. He asked the crowd to support Zambry, for the work he has done to prove himself. His question to support Zambry was answered in a positive manner by the crowd, from which BN can hope to win again in Perak and other state seats as well.

Najib hopes to regain Perak, as they have worked hard under Zambry’ leadership and have tried to do as much as they can to make things better for the Perak people by giving BRIM.